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More than 50% visitors of regular e-shop, who place items in the basket, do not complete the purchase and leave :(
Abandoned Cart automation will show them the items they put in their cart again at the appropriate interval, remind them of their purchase and may even recommend other items they might like.

Save sales with smart automation

Case Study

Potten & Pannen - Staněk
Kurátor prémiových kulinářských zážitků
Campaign: Three-phase abandoned basket
In 2019, the campaign helped rescue abandoned baskets with a total value of 784 125 Kč
the email is sent immediately after leaving the cart
revenue: 357 562 Kč
open rate: 46%
email is sent after an hour after cart abandonment
revenue: 290 509 Kč
open rate: 43.5%
email is sent the day after cart abandonment
revenue: 136 054 Kč
open rate: 47%
case study
Detailed instructions for setting up this automation can be found in HERE