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Targeted Popups

Contact Targeting

Display popups only to selected group of your contacts

Page Level Targeting

Choose where and when the popup should be displayed


Monitor the popup performance


Choose who should see your popup based on the knowledge of each contact within Leadhub

lifetime value: greater than 3000 Kč
Knowledge of the contact
not subscribed for: Newsletters

You're not annoying people who already subscribed thanks to a multi-device user profiles while other popup tools only work with unreliable cookies

You can incentivise each group of your leads differently based on their interests, spendings, activity on the web or engagement with other campaigns


When should they see it?

time on site: more than 15s
URL matching: “/skirts”

Customize the popup

Launch with one click and see the results.

You can have as many popup campaigns running in parallel as you want

Evaluate the orders of people coming from your popups.

submitted popup: Download "Newsletter subscribers 20% of all dresses, LTV $200"
Segment stats:
Total Lifetime Value
Total # of Orders
Monthly Active
Avg. Time Between Order
56d 4h

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