Multichannel Automations

Connect all the dots and messages your contacts through multiple channels. Increase the conversion rate of your online store.

Leadhub helps you to:
Increase retention.
Reach those who didn't opened the newsletter on Facebook.
Optimise the customer journey.
Treat VIP customers right.
Send beautiful emails.
Increase revenues by delivering the right message to right people.
Turn one-time buyers into repeated customers.
Segment customers based on behaviour.
Communicate personally via email and social.

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Targeted emailing
with an Ad Boost

Design beautiful personalised email and send it to a perfectly targeted segment. Deliver the message to those who didn't opened the email using a low-budget ads.

Subscribers who read the message:
15.2% 40.9%
Purchase value attributed by the campaign:
100% 178%
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Email Automations

Message people automatically. Be super-relevant and personal. Drive more revenues.

Conversion value per 1 email sent:
1 $24.25
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Audience Designer

Great targeting means great results.
The Audience Designer means the end of the painful exports and uploads of your customer data into Facebook for good.

Spent to purchase value:
$83 $3,151
Cost of sale:

"With the right offer, we've been able to pull $3,151 worth of sales for the $83 in the ad spend using the Audinece Designer in only one day."

Lenka D. -
Lenka D. -
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Targeted popups

Din't let interested visitors to disappear once and for all.
Hook them up with an offer of a great content and send them an email series.

1500 leads in 7 days!
12,226 1450
Popup conversion rate: